London To Begin Wireless EV Charging Trial

Whether or not government should get involved in the installation of electric vehicle charging points is a matter for politicians to discuss. For now, it seems many municipalities are happy to help out electric vehicle owners. London is in discussions to bring wireless EV charging stations to the old English city, giving EV drivers something else to look forward to.

Cutting The Cord

London is actually becomming quite the EV-friendly city. For one, electric vehicles don’t have to pay the congestion tax for driving through the center of London. There are also numerous tax credits to help EV owners out. And now the old city is going high-tech with a inductive charging system trial.

The charging system, developed HaloIPT (which was purchased this past week by Qualcomm), uses magnetic fields to wireless transfer electricity. No plugs, just park your car and it automatically starts charging up. The benefits are many and obvious; no ugly meter to plug into, no worrying about unplugging, and everything from charging your car to charging your bank account can be done automatically.

There are already many traditional charging points spread out through London, and even a few smaller tests of wireless charging. But the London trial, which will focus on the east part of the city dubbed “Tech City,” will be substantially larger. Sounds very promising, and perhaps one day sooner than we thought, plugging in your car will be a thing of the past.

Source: Business Green | Image: London Charging Point via Shutterstock


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