Green News Roundup: Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Are there any songs about Thursday? I know there are songs about every other day of the week…but what about Thursday? Because today is a pretty good day for green news. Some of today’s highlights include Obama approving more offshore drilling, your brain on traffic fumes, and the IEA sees more oil and coal use going forward.Obama Approves Expansion of Drilling In Alaskan Gulf [Huffington Post]

First Photos of BMW i3 And i8 on American Shores [Inhabitat]

Lawmakers Relent on Plans to Privatize Amtrak [Wall St. Journal]

IEA Sees Danger In Growing Coal and Oil Use [CNN]

Scientists Say Car Exhaust Causes Brain Damage [Treehugger]

TTAC Checks Out Nissan’s EV Plant in Tennessee [The Truth About Cars]

Christopher DeMorro

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