GM Lets Dealers Sell Volt Demos As Demand Surges

The Chevy Volt is a lightning rod for criticism, especially from the right-wing of American politics. The $40,000 plug-in hybrid has been lambasted as being too expensive, an “Obama-mobile” and most recently, as a sales failure. Unfortunately for these critics, Volt production and sales are picking up steam, to the point where GM is now allowing dealers to sell the over 2,000 demo cars sent to them this summer.

Demonstrate To Sell

Earlier this year GM began sending out over 2,300 demo cars to Chevy dealers across the country. These cars, which showed up on websites like, were not for sale, leading many critics to claim that there were thousands of unsold Chevy Volts, despite GM’s insistence that demand was there.  It can be hard to counter such arguments though when GM itself hasn’t done a good job of clarifying the situation.

It was one of those silly situations where the facts are lost to rhetoric, though in my humble opinion GM could have better handled the whole situation by either not allowing dealers to place their demo cars for sale, or insisting that ads came with a disclaimer (i.e. “This is a demo car and not yet for sale.) However, anecdotal evidence suggests that many buyers were lured in by the Volt, only to leave with the cheaper Chevy Cruze. A sale is a sale is a sale, right?

But in a surprising about-face, GM is allowing dealers to now sell their demo cars to the general public. And in a response to a query from The Truth About Cars, GM lays out some interesting information in regards to the Volt. For example;

All in all, the Chevy Volt, a car that has been on sale for less than a year, looks like it may finally be coming into its own. GM and the Volt still have a long way to go to meet next year’s production target of 45,000 vehicles, but it seems to me that GM is selling every Volt is can produce, and then some. If GM somehow manages to sell 10,000 Volts in its first year, I wonder, what else will right-wing pundits find to bash about it?

Source: Automotive News | The Truth About Cars 

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