Green News Roundup: Monday, November 7th, 2011

And I am back, after a nice retreat in the Vermont mountains. Truly beautiful country up there…but you’re here for the news roundup, aren’t you? Some good stuff happened last week and over the weekend, with highlights including the first domestic flight powered by biofuel, Ener1 delisted by Wall St., and Toyota’s $999 charging station (installation not included*.)

United Airlines Launches First Biofuel Flight From Chicago to Houston [Business Green]

Scotland to Build World’s First Hybrid Ferry [Treehugger]

Ener1 Delisted by NASDAQ After Stock Price Plummets [Plug-In Cars]

Progress Made in ATLAS Nissan/Cummins Diesel Engine Project [Green Car Congress]

VIDEO: Electric “Multicopter” Hovers In First Flight [Treehugger]

Toyota’s EV Charger Starts At $999, Does NOT Include Installation [Green Car Reports]

Christopher DeMorro

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