Occupy Protesters Pedal for Progress, Power, Heat

Pedal-powered bicycles equipped with electrical power generators are now supplying electricity to protesters at Zuccotti Park, the home of the Occupy Wall Street movement – just in time for the area’s first major snow of the season!

Yes, the first snowstorm has come and gone in the Northeast, and it was a big one, dropping 20″ of snow in some areas.  Other than asking when the power will come back on, many are a residents wondered if the cold and snow would break the Occupy Movements that started in New York City (especially since the NYPD and FDNY “conveniently” confiscated all of the protester’s generators as “fire hazards”).

Protesters with a cause are tough to push back, however.  Facing down the possibility of a frosty weekend without power and heat, the Occupy Wall Street protestors got down to business, and – less than 48 hours after having their generators taken away – the Occupy Wall Street group looked to some alternative ways to generate power, which led to bicycle powered generators being quickly purchased online, shipped to Zuccotti Park, and getting immediately put into service.

The bicycle powered generators are being used to power just about everything now, from cell phones and laptops (which allowed the group to maintain its keep live streaming and communications equipment) to area lighting electric heaters in the Occupy zone.  It is estimated that 6 hours of pedaling will charge the generators’ batteries for almost 100 hours of use, but with plenty of volunteers to keep the wheels spinning, there will hardly be any occasion to put that to the test!

In addition to powering up the Occupiers in Zuccotti Park, the pedal powered generators are also attracting a lot of positive attention, proving the movement to be plenty resourceful when faced with some of the very “real world” dilemmas that the movement’s detractors would like you to think they aren’t capable of overcoming.

That’s great news for OWS, and bad news for Wall Street.

Source | Images:  Inhabitat.com, David Shankbone under a Creative Commons License

Andrew Meggison

Andrew Meggison was born in the state of Maine and educated in Massachusetts. Andrew earned a Bachelor's Degree in Government and International Relations from Clark University and a Master's Degree in Political Science from Northeastern University. In his free time Andrew enjoys writing, exploring the great outdoors, a good film, and a creative cocktail. You can follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewMeggison