Green News Roundup: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Note: I am on a brief respite from the real world with my beautiful girlfriend today through Saturday. I’ve already scheduled a healthy dose of posts, but I won’t be back to full steam until Monday. Until then, dear readers…-Chris

What would the morning be without a green news roundup? Well…it’d be this past Monday, I guess! But neither here nor there, here is a roundup of yesterday’s clean, green news. Some of today’s highlights include GE’s now solar-powered EV charger, Kleenspeed’s electric F1 entry, and California’s high speed rail costs keep going up.

GE Becomes Leader In Solar Powered EV Charging [Green Car Reports]

London Set To Open U.K.’s First Hydrogen Fueling Network []

Get A Masters Degree In Electric Vehicles [Earth Techling]

California’s High Speed Rail Costs Balloon To Almost $100 Billion [Inhabitat]

Kleenspeed Pitches Electric F1 Car To FIA [Autoblog Green]

Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Diesel 20% More Efficient Than Four-Stroke [Green Car Congress]


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