Ford Focus Electric Priced From $39,995, Pre-Order Now

2011 has seen Nissan and GM battling for electric car domination, but a new contender is about to enter the ring; the Ford Focus Electric. Pre-ordering opened up yesterday, and Ford has finally put a price on its first EV entry; $39,995, the same cost as the 2012 Chevy Volt. With a limited roll out, and a high price, will the Focus Electric still sell well?Price = Range?Well it depends because Ford, while taking orders on the Focus Electric, has still yet to release an estimated all-electric range. The Blue Oval does say that the Focus Electric will offer a competitive MPGe to other electric vehicles out there right now, so expect anywhere from 70 to 90 miles of “real world” range. The Focus Electric will also offer a number of other high-tech features, like custom routes and screens, an smartphone app, regenerative breaking, and other nifty features.

After the Federal tax credit, the Focus Electric’s price will drop to a more-reasonable $32,495, the same price as the more-versatile Chevy Volt. The $35,000 Nissan Leaf will still undercut both domestic competitors as well. But I think Ford has a real problem on its hands, and it isn’t just the very limited and delayed initial rollout. It’s the name itself.

It’s All In The Name

Unlike both Nissan and GM, Ford has opted to keep the Focus name in the Focus Electric. That could be a problem, as you have people who will be shelling out $40,000+…for what is essentially an electrified economy car. Yes, I know that both the Leaf (Versa) and Volt (Cruze) are also based on cheap compact cars…the difference being in the name. It’s not a Cruze; it’s a Volt. It’s not a Versa, it’s a Leaf. But a Focus Electric is still a Focus, and I wonder if that won’t hurt it in the long run. Still, Ford is already taking pre-orders if you just must have Ford’s first electric car (sold outside of California.)

It is really going depend on the real-world mileage and fit-and-finish of the final product. I have a lot of faith in Ford (my blood runs Ford blue) but I can’t help but feel that a $40,000 Focus is going to have a hard time finding buyers. What say you?

Source: Ford

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