Volta Electric Motorcycle A New Contender In 2012

While a lot of focus is on electric cars these days, the fastest-growing segment of electric vehicles comes on two wheels, not four. Electric motorcycles and e-bikes are all the rage from Asia to Europe to America, and a new contender has thrown its hat into the ring. Spain-based Volta’s BCN bike comes to market next year. Can it compete?

With 35 horsepower and a 43 mile all-electric range, the Volta is right on par with other electric motorcycle makers like Zero and Brammo. With a $10,000 price tag, the price is also in line with other offerings. Three flavors of the Volta BCN will be available; Sport, City, and My Volta, which allows for heavy custimization of the bike. It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to assume the sport model might get a few extra horsepower or a suspension that allows for more fun, while the City model will be geared towards short commutes.

It is the My Volta model that the fledgling company hopes will help set it apart from the competition. In an increasingly personalized world, the ability to customize your motorcycle could be a big boon for some consumers. In fact, I would expect to see more companies, from car makers to Kitchenaid to offer more and more ways to customize their products.  Depending on what sorts of customization options are available, this could either be a major selling point, or just another “nice but not for me” model.

The Volta BCN electric motorcycle goes on sale next year, first in Spain and then eventually into international markets. Will its custom features help it succeed in the market, or is it too little power and range for too much money?

Source: Engadget

Christopher DeMorro

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