Green News Roundup: Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Good morning Gas2 readers. Sorry about a lackluster weekend and no news roundup yesterday. As no doubt many of you are aware, a crazy snowstorm hit the Northeast U.S. on Saturday, causing massive damage. Many people in my state are still without power, and I only got power back yesterday morning after almost 48 hours in the dark. But I am back, at least until the next storm whacks us. -Chris.

Happy day-after-Halloween! There are some spooooky stories floating around the interwebs today. Some of the highlights include a Nissan Leaf Batmobile, “fuel deserts” forming in the U.K., and Tesla predicts profit in 2013.

A Nissan Leaf Batmobile [Green Car Reports]

Renault Gets Government Order For 15,000 EV Vans [Autoblog Green]

Gas Station Closings In U.K. Lead To “Fuel Deserts” [Auto Express]

Anti-Cycling Journalist Changes Tune After A Bike Ride [The Star]

Elon Musk: Tesla To Be Profitable In 2013 [Bloomberg]

Is Greenpeace Blackmailing Volkswagen? [The Truth About Cars]

Image: Old Fuel Pump via Shutterstock 

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