Nissan Plotting Leaf-Based EV Cargo Truck

The Nissan Leaf is already finding fans across the globe, and thousands of the little electric cars have been shipped worldwide. So what EV is next for Nissan? It’s three Leaf-based cargo truck concepts based on the ATLAS F24 trucks, and one of them uses many of the Leaf’s parts for zero-emissions delivery.

First up is the all-electric e-NT400 ATLAS, which has a 100 km/62-mile driving range on the JC08 driving cycle. Figure real-world in America, 50 miles or less (this is just a concept though.) This truck uses the same EV powertrain as the Leaf, though it is not based on the Leaf vehicle chassis (obviously.)

Then there is the ATLAS refrigerator F24 cargo fan. This refridgerated unit uses a Nissan Leaf battery pack to power a high-efficiency air compressor that keeps the cargo compartment nice and cool, even when the truck is off. This could help alleviate idling required of many cross-country truckers shipping perishable goods. Idling consumes millions of gallons of fuel every year in America, and this is arguably the most important development in this press release.

And finally there is the ATLAS F24 Power Supply fan, which features three Nissan Leaf batteries worth 72kWh of energy. This is enough power to supply a 20-person office with four hours of peak-energy use. In other words, it is a giant battery truck, designed for use off-site or in a power shortage/outage situation. We could use a few of those in the Northeast right now, that’s for sure.

Whether or not Nissan intends to go further than the concept stage with these trucks is anybodies guess. But they’re thinking ahead, and I like what they’ve come up with so far.

Source: Nissan

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