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If Santa Can Ride an Electric Motorcycle, We All Can!

Last week, accessio brought EV and hydrogen business leaders from the German state of Baden-Württemberg to San Francisco and Los Angeles. I attended the one-day conference in LA yesterday and saw presentations from a variety of industry leaders. The full agenda is here. The most interesting takeaway was how the region is capitalizing on its long history of automotive industry excellence and pushing the industry toward electric through a combination of grants, partnerships and promotional events. There was a small focus on Hydrogen, but the majority was on Battery-powered EV’s, because that’s still much cheaper than Hydrogen.

Also of interest was discussion of smart chargers which can feed power from the vehicle’s batter to the grid when it’s fully charged. Although this can deplete the battery sooner. Some say the vehicle owner should be paid for the energy, much like a solar panel owner’s meter runs backward on a sunny day. Looking at the video of an ElMoto being plugged in at a public charging station, I thought it would be cool if the charger could be used as a security device. Since public smart chargers require the swipe of a card to start, perhaps they could set off an alarm if they’re unplugged without swiping the card. This could also trigger the on-board GPS to notify the police so they could track the stolen vehicle immediately.

Engineering the Future – E-Mobility in the Stuttgart Pilot Region

Veit Haug of the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corp showed this excellent video to wrap things up. The whole event was very exciting because we could see firsthand the work that the German federal and regional governments are doing in conjunction with businesses to push the EV industry forward. Many auto industry professionals based in the Southern California hotbed of Automotive R&D were present as well. I met with David Magarian of the South Bay Environmental Services Center to learn more about what they’re doing.

We currently have 7 Neighborhood Electric Vehicles that we rotate between community members for 3-6 month test periods.  We collect GPS data that allows us to quantify emission reductions, and evaluate how the vehicles are utilized by various demographics and geographic settings within our region. This is research, proof of concept, and advocacy work.  We are in the process of expanding our demonstration program to include a full range of electric vehicles ranging from electric bikes to full speed EVs and Hydrogen vehicles and would very much like to include electric motorcycles in the program.  We are looking to have 3-6 vehicles from each category represented.  

You can learn more about the LUV Program here (best acronym in the industry, by the way): LUV

Here are testimonials from participants in their current LUV (Local Use Vehicle) Program:


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