Green News Roundup: Thursday, October 27th

It’s nearly Halloween weekend, and I hope you all have your costumes together. Me? Well, I am trying to decide between a DIY Bender costume, or an Occupy Wall Street protester…which ever one is cheaper! Anyways, some of the news highlights this morning including a flying, nuclear-powered airport, the Detroit Three build solar racers, and a bridge made from recycled plastics built in less than two weeks.

Detroit Three Partner with U of M to Build Solar Race Car [Detroit Free Press]

Fuso Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks 10% More Fuel Efficient [Green Car Congress]

Asian-Pacific Region to Install Most DC-Charging Stations by 2017 [Plug-In Cars]

Nuclear-Powered Fyling Airports That Never Land [DVICE]

GM to Build Spark EV in America [Green Car Reports]

Europe Builds Bridge Out of Recycled Plastic In Less Than Two Weeks [Inhabitat]

Christopher DeMorro

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