Revenge of the Electric Car | Premiere After Party

A celebration of success

What’s the point of living in LA if you’re not going to hit the occasional movie premiere? And when you do, you may as well head for the after-party as well for a real taste of Hollywood life. Real-world stars from Revenge of the Electric Car and even some from Who Killed the Electric Car? were on hand to celebrate not only the opening of a film, but the beginning of real independence from oil.

My only regret was in not staying late enough to tag along to the after-after party. Elon Musk held court in the Tesla dealership where the party was hosted, chatting with everyone who approached him. As much as I’ve wanted to meet him, I could think of nothing intelligent to say, feeling almost as flustered and starstruck as the first time I met Valentino Rossi. I’d like to imagine Elon and Dan are chatting about their favorite art cars at Burning Man…

Daniel Busby, Lead Engineer at Syyn Labs, chats with Elon Musk

Jay Leno arrived at the theater in his 1906 Baker electric car, which was in mint condition. He gave Director Chris Paine and friends a ride to the after party a block away, and we all followed on foot. Once there, I met key players on GM’s Chevy Volt, and Nissan’s LEAF, as well as the cast of the film. Gadget’s converted Porsche was parked in the service bay, while the new Tesla sedan and one of the last 20 (TWENTY!) remaining Tesla roadsters sat in the showroom for all to sit in and dream. At a projected MSRP of $48,000, the Tesla Model S is not a very far-fetched dream, at least compared to the Roadster and other luxury cars.

Photo Courtesy of Maya Myers (click photo for complete album)

What sets the EV industry apart from the gas car industry is that it attracts the sort of women who might not otherwise be excited about cars. There were a lot of women at the party, many of whom already own electric cars. I also saw a lot more at the parade than I would’ve suspected. The Baker was marketed toward women because its electric motor did not need to be hand-cranked like the combustion motors of the time. Modern electric cars are a hit with all consumers passionate about sustainability, most of which happen to be female.

Photo Courtesy of Maya Myers (click photo for complete album)

Read my review of the movie here, and look for a screening near you (or request one) here.

Photo Courtesy of Maya Myers (click photo to see full gallery)

Charge Director Mark Neale was also present, and it was great to capture the two directors together. Let’s hope they’re plotting more great documentaries about great subjects like electric vehicles! We interviewed Mark Neale about Charge here.

The most action an electric vehicle service bay might ever see...

And no party is complete without my Electric Cowboys from Hollywood Electrics.

Photo Courtesy of Maya Myers (click photo to see full gallery)

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