Mu by Peugeot Lets You Rent EVs, e-Bikes, and More (video)

Of all the carmakers out there, perhaps only Honda, with its boats and bikes and planes, can rival Peugeot in terms of product range – and even that’s a bit of a question mark.

Not familiar with Peugeot? We’ve covered some of Peugeot’s concept cars before, but the short version is:  they’re a French company that’s partnered up with Mitsubishi to offer the MiEV throughout Europe – but they’re much more than that. The company makes everything, from electric pedal-assist bicycles to scooters to cars to commercial vans (with the iconic 905 Group C racing cars tossed in for good measure). As such, the company is uniquely positioned to offer the kind of rental fleet flexibility that Mu is selling to its clients.

Simply put, Mu lets you rent a bicycle, a scooter for cross-town visits, a car for longer trips, or a large van for moving – all for a (relatively) low monthly fee.  Mu is, in other words, sort of like a car-sharing service and sort of like an EV service, but with the added flexibility of an electric bike rental or scooter rental … all in one.

Check out the recently-released video, below, and (whether you speak French or not) I think you’ll get the idea – all of the products shown, of course, are manufactured by Peugeot!

Source: Peugeot, via TechVehi.

Jo Borrás

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