Jeep Grand Cherokee Definitely Getting Diesel, Other Large Chryslers to Follow

With looming fuel efficiency standards dictating future car products, major automakers are investing a lot of time and money into developing EV’s and hybrid cars. Well…except for Chrysler. Instead, the Pentastar brand has announced that the Jeep Grand Cherokee will offer a diesel engine option in 2013, with other models to follow.

Different Ideas

Chrysler has been testing out many different options when it comes to meeting the new fuel economy standards in 2016. There was the two-mode hybrid Ram pickup, a hydraulic-hybrid minivan, and they are even working on compressed natural gas vehicles. But none of these are likely to be ready for production come 2016.

Perhaps if Chrysler had not decided to kill to its admittedly bold EV program, they might have something ready for market in the next few years. Even if it wasn’t a full-on electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid would go a long way towards improving the fuel efficiency of a lineup that is reliant on large vehicles like the 300 sedan and Jeep Grand Cherokee. So what can Chrysler do?

But It All Comes Down to Diesels

Well, since they are already building a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee for Europe, why not build one for America? Yes, the U.S. diesel restrictions are far tougher than even Europe, and diesel does cost more in America as well. But in a large vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a diesel engine, with all that torque, will certainly get better gas mileage than any typical gas engine.

The diesel engine in question is a 3.0 liter V6 turbodiesel, which offers just 224 horsepower but a stump-pulling 406 ft-lbs of torque. Chrysler may even offer this engine in the 300/Charger large sedan, Ram 1500 pickup, and other larger vehicles. Chrysler offers an even smaller 2.8 liter diesel engine in its European mini-vans. That leaves Ford as the only American automaker that will not offer a diesel engine outside of its full-size pickup line. Is America finally ready to embrace diesel engines? This writer certainly hopes so.

Source: Car & Driver

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Christopher DeMorro

A writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs, can be found wrenching or writing- or else, he's running, because he's one of those crazy people who gets enjoyment from running insane distances.