Automakers Agree on Single Universal Charging Port

Electric vehicles pose all sorts of problems for automakers as start to make this huge shift from fossil fuels to electricity. One problem are the charging ports, and figuring out an international standard so as to streamline the process. A major consortium of automakers from around the world are doing just that.

One Plug to Rule Them All

Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM, VW, and Porsche announced last week that they have all agreed to accept a single universal charging port for use on North American vehicles. This plug is designed to accept levels one-through-three charging stations, as well as home and rapid-charging stations. It’s an all-in-one wonderplug!

The ramifications of this device are huge. Instead of trying to out-do each other, automakers can instead design a single, universal charger and then focus on their own technology advancements. This will also simplify supply issues, and mean that every EV won’t need a cornucopia of cords to plug in, depending on what they drive and where they drive it. Of course there are still some major companies (i.e. the Japanese) that have been left out of the loop.All in all though, this is a big step for electric vehicle acceptance.

Now automakers just have to sell more of them…

Source: Daimler | Image: 3D Car via Shutterstock

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