Volkswagen Recalls 168,000 TDi Vehicles Over Fire Worries

Volkswagen’s TDi diesels have long been favorites of the green-car crowd, and for good reason. The cars get excellent mileage (well over 50 mpg, in some models), they have good low-end torque for merging into traffic, and – if you’re into that sort of thing – they’re highly tunable for even more horsepower and torque. Excellent performers, then, but reliability? That’s one area that VW has been losing ground in – and this latest bit of VW news isn’t going to help matters.

This past Friday, VW announced a sweeping recall that includes 168,275 2.0 L TDi-equipped vehicles sold in North America over the past four years (MY 2009 – 2012), and includes almost all the clean-green darlings of the VW group: the Golf TDi, Jetta TDi, and the Audi A3. The recall involves a defect in the fuel injection system that could cause fuel leaks and potentially serious fires.

Remember what we learned from Fight Club: if they’re issuing a recall, chances are it’s already happened (A x B x C, etc.).

If you own one of these cars, get it checked out.

Source: Automotive News.

Jo Borrás

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