Where is the Yukon XL Scandal? (or: Liberal Media Bias is Bulls***!)

Over on Gas 2’s sister site, Cleantechnica, Zachary Shahan has put together some hard-hitting comparative reporting that utterly busts the myth of a liberal media bias. In his report, Shahan shows nearly 200 major media outlet mentions of the Solyndra solar-energy “scandal”, and a whopping 0 (zero, “goose-egg”, nada, etc.) about the Canadian tar sand/Yukon XL pipeline – and the report covers all the major networks, not just Fox the usual suspects.

We’ve covered Canada’s tar sand problem before here on Gas 2 (more than once, in fact – as well as what Canada can do to help clean up the millions of gallons of fresh water contaminated every day in Canada’s forests, but Canada keeps pumping out the crude and pumping the waste back into the water table.

Bad news all around, in other words. Read up, write to representatives, and (if all else fails) stock up on fresh water, I guess (?).

Source: Cleantechnica.

Jo Borrás

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