Nissan, GE Ink Deal to Make EV’s “Easier”


Are electric cars really that difficult for consumers to comprehend? Apparently so. That’s why this morning, GE and Nissan have inked a deal to make electric vehicles “easier to use and more consumer friendly.” Which, as it turns out, means a whole lotta infrastructure upgrades.

No, GE isn’t getting into the car-building game. But they are positioning themselves as major supporters of electric vehicles. First there was their announcement that they would buy up to 25,000 plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and their recent unveiling of a solar power charging station in Connecticut. Now this deal with Nissan, with GE pledging its significant infrastructure experience to help integrate electric vehicles into the grid.

The two primary areas of focus are integration of EV’s into GE’s Smart Home project, and the effect millions of electric vehicles will have on the power grid. Nissan is already working on a vehicle-to-grid system of its own, but with GE’s help who knows what else they might have up their sleeve. Electric vehicles are confusing for consumers right now…but if GE can automate certain aspects (like plugging in and monitoring the state of charge) it could really streamline the whole ownership experience of an EV.

Source: GE
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  • If you have an electric clothes dryer plug, you pretty much have what you need to plug in a car. I have seen the chargers you can buy to work with them. Make it feel as simple as plugging in your dryer. This fancy $2000 installation of a charging station in my garage seems like a bit of overkill.

    The other thing that would make my life easier, quick chargers. While 99% of the time my garage charger is all I need, there was a day where I travelled outside of my range and had to use a parking lot 240v charger for an hour to boost up an extra 10 miles. A QC would have done it in 5 minutes. I wouldn’t have had to sit there until it was full, just enough to get home to my charger.