EVCCON 2011: The ePorsche

Porsches apparently make good electric cars – there were a number of them in Cape Girardeau last weekend, all silent as ghosts and sexy as hell in both the early afternoon sun and the late afternoon rain.  My personal favorite of the bunch was the Cayenne SUV looming in between a 904, a 914, a 911, and a 356A Speedster.

The eCayenne at the EVC CON was the first electric Cayenne in the U.S. and perhaps the second in the world. It was also one of the few cars at EVC CON that was done in a conversion shop (EVPC LLC). Weighing in at around 5500 pounds before conversion, it topped 6000 once the motor and 72 lithium ion cells were installed. A single charge takes it 75 miles, and all the electronics are still functional (A/C, heater, etc). It also has a WarP11 motor, and is run by a liquid-cooled Evnetics Soliton 1 controller. When asked why a Cayenne, the answer was simple: it’s practical, it performs well, and it has a back seat for the kids. Makes perfect sense to me.

Another shop conversion was the gray 904 GTS Carrera replica. The shop in question is Special Editions, which did the transmission, wiring, body, chassis, and other minor details. Of course, the details are important – the motor mounts were moved forward to accommodate the WarP11 motor, for example,  and the interior was also re-done (the seats had to be moved forward to accommodate the battery pack – does that still count as minor?). The 904 replica runs on 52 CALB 180 Ah lithium ion batteries, which give it a range of up to 120 miles and a top speed of “probably 125mph.” (The top speed hasn’t actually been tested yet – more ticket avoidance perhaps? It looks fast just sitting still.) It goes back into a garage after the show – it’s far too pretty to drive in the winter.

The eye-catching sky blue 1974 914 is yet another daily driver. First restored and then converted, it boasts an HPEV 3-Phase AC50 motor and runs on 36 lithium ion batteries. In order to reduce weight, its bumpers, running boards, and front/rear trunk deck lids were replaced by fiberglass. It seems to have worked – weighing in at 2265 lbs, it has a range of 82 miles and a top speed of 102mph.

We saw but couldn’t photograph the beautiful red 1957 356A Speedster replica before the rain forced it back into cover. I liked the LED signal lights and that the spare tire hold in front was co-opted for additional battery space. I felt it was another one too pretty to drive in winter, but the fact that it was a convertible might just mean that it’s too cold.

Check out the gallery below, for more photos of these iconic cars.

Source: Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention 2011


Charis Michelsen

spent 7 years living in Germany and Japan, studying both languages extensively, doing translation and education with companies like Bosch, Nissan, Fuji Heavy, and others. Charis has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She also believes that Janeway was the best Star Trek Captain.