Electric Scooter Wins at Endurance

Czech electric scooter company AKUMOTO, in conjunction with Czechoslovakian energy conglomerate ČEZ, claims to have set a world record during European Mobility Week (September 19-22). The very-nearly stock e-scooter was ridden for 706.1 miles in 24 hours, the equivalent of a quick jaunt from Prague to Paris. Think of the reception one would get in the City of Light after 24 hours on the road with no powder room breaks! The five riders did not use ČEZ‘s network of scooter charging stations; instead, the team swapped charged lithium batteries in for the spent ones. Not counting the support crew that was surely there to supply fresh batteries (I couldn’t find evidence of 24 hour battery-swapping stations in existence for scooters, but I may be wrong), the e-scoot used a mere 40.8 kWh of electricity. The design does include regenerative braking, but details like battery pack capacity and the like are not available on the company’s website.

The record-breaking experiment is more of a demonstration of the long-range capabilities of electric scooters within a set amount of time for both AKUMOTO and the alternative energy crowd than an invitation to rise to the 24 hour challenge, partly because there are a precious few souls who would take on that challenge, and partly because battery swaps are a little unwieldy and expensive. Not that it can’t happen- if cost is not an issue, happy e-scooter owners can ride around with extra juice in a side bag or back pack- range anxiety is gone, poof! Said creative, wealthy e-scooterists might also improvise their own battery swapping stations in the form of battery retail stores like Batteries Plus (they have 460 stores in the nation). Owners of e-scooters have quite a few easier options during road trips; a favorite is to use mobile apps like Plugshare to find outlets in some kind volunteer’s home, make a friend, and then zoom into the sunset. The EV community is tight like that Stateside!

Via Autoblog Green | Images | AKUMOTO



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