Green News Roundup: Monday, September 19th

Here at Gas 2.0, we’re committed to bringing you the best news possible about a post-oil world and the greening of transportation technology. These days, there are so many stories, and only so many fingers to write it up. So we’re introducing a new feature; a daily morning roundup of green news from around the web.

For one, it’s a great way to get you news that maybe we didn’t have a chance to write yesterday. We also hope it will lead you to some other great green news websites to discover, as we only have so many words and so many opinions to share. So go and check out these other sites; we’ll still be here, grinding away at the daily influx of great green news.

Today’s highlights include a record-breaking motorcycle powered by veggie-oil, a Spanish plug-in hybrid concept car, and Nissan’s plans for selling the Leaf EV in China.

Maine Man Sets Speed Record on Motorcycle Powered by Vegetable Oil

Natural Gas Vehicle Sales to Increase 70% by 2016
[Edmunds Auto Observer]

British Actor Pays Less Than $10 to Drive His EV 1,000 Miles
[Electric Vehicle News]

Spanish Carmaker SEAT Rolls Out IBL Plug-In Hybrid Concept 
[EV World]

Birmingham, Bristol Linked by Charging Stations Powered by Wind
[Green Car Congress]

Nissan Leaf to be Imported to China after Oct. 1st Holiday
[China Car Times]

Peak Oil Infographic

Nissan Has Spent Over $5.6 Billion on Electric Cars So Far
[Green Car Reports]

Chris DeMorro is a writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs. You can read about his slow descent into madness at Sublime Burnout or follow his non-nonsensical ramblings on Twitter @harshcougar.

Christopher DeMorro

A writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs, can be found wrenching or writing- or else, he's running, because he's one of those crazy people who gets enjoyment from running insane distances.