Toyota Sets Pricing on Plug-in Prius

Arguably the leader in hybrid/electric automotive technology, Toyota has taken one more step forward in its quest to park a hybrid in every driveway by announcing pricing on its new, plug-in Prius model. That price? Just 32,760 US dollars (including destination charges but NOT including gov’t rebates or tax credits).

With a transaction price expected to end up just shy of $30K after incentives, Toyota’s plug-in contender is significantly less expensive than pure electrics like the latest Smart ED and Chevy Volt, and about the same as a Nissan Leaf (which, it should be noted, is a pure EV all the time, and – as such – is subject to debates about “range anxiety“).

Here’s hoping Toyota keeps rolling the ball forward, then, and that the next wave of performance Prii get the plug-in treatment as well.

Source: Toyota, via Green Car Reports.

Jo Borrás

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