Jalopnik's Chevy Cruze Wallpaper is Airborne Awesomesauce

Behind the scenes at Gas 2, we’re basically gearheads – and most of us either own an enviable collection of American icons or have the names of some Serious motorsports and performance tuning firms on our resumes. We love cars, in other words, at least as much as the next guy … we just happen to want a world to enjoy them in, you know?

That’s why we’re such fans of GM’s latest small turbo cars in general, and the objectively excellent Chevy Cruze in particular, which recently set a number of hyper-miling records by crossing all 48 states while returning an average 64.42 mpg (!!). Despite some initial misgivings, in other words, we’ve been turned. I’ve been turned. The Cruze is cool, and that’s what made Friday’s edition of Jalopnik’s “afternoon wallpaper” (above) so great to see.

If Chevy ran a few TV spots stateside with their little turbo Cruze mixing it up on roadcourses and dicing it up with Miatas, Civics, etc., I think more than a few of the knuckle-dragging “anti-green car” guys out there might give the Cruze a second look.

So, GM: try it. Not everyone in the US equates NASCAR with performance cars … just see what happens.

Everyone else: head over to Jalopnik and check out the high-resolution version.

Source | Photos: Jalopnik.

Jo Borrás

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