FPL Helps Turn Florida's Sunshine into Clean Green Power

Solar energy has been in the news quite a bit these days with its ubiquity, advances in infrastructure, and expansion (as well as some major setbacks) making waves in the media. On the back of that publicity, Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) is working with the Florida Public Service Commission to offer rebates on solar panels to Florida residents and businesses, and also to give away photovoltaic (PV) systems to Florida’s public schools.

It’s hoped that these rebates and giveaways will allow lower-income families and small businesses to reap the rewards of long-term energy savings without having to face down high initial installation costs.

FPL will be distributing approximately $5 million in solar incentive funds on a first-come, first serve basis, and Gas 2 readers in Florida who would like to take advantage of the Sunshine State’s most plentiful product (sunlight, not oranges) can apply for there rebates at FPL’s website. FPL’s rebates apply to solar-energy devices ranging from simple water heaters to more complex PV systems.

Perhaps more interesting (and with more “propaganda power” to push for solar’s mainstream adoption in the future) is FPL’s “Photovoltaic for Schools Pilot Program“, which sees FPL donating a solar PV system to (at least) one public school in each of the 28 school districts the company serves, with plans to install solar PV systems in 81 Florida schools schools by 2016. FPL will also providing teacher training, classroom materials on reduced energy consumption, and will also maintain the PV arrays for five years after installation at no cost to the school system.

This is all great stuff, and – we hope! – just the beginning of Florida’s solar conversion.

Source: Earth Techling; Photo: Gas 2, Annoying Orange.

Frankie Berti

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