Nissan LEAF Gets a Mini-Tech Makeover

Some Nissan LEAF buyers are going above and beyond being simple early-adopters, becoming early car-modders rather quickly. This is no surprise, considering the demographics (college educated, financially-stable, and tech-savvy). The group has created a state of charge (SOC) meter in less than a year without the help of Nissan- and it works.

One of the major complaints about the LEAF’s usability is the variability of the SOC meter. Customers were left guessing what, precisely, those cute little blue bars meant regarding juice because it changed drastically depending on terrain and style of driving- and it becomes very important to know whether the last bar represents 10 miles or one. The SOC-kit, a communal labor of the MyNissanLeaf online forum, plugs into the LEAF’s OBD-II port and will display the battery and a more precise read of its state of charge.

Kits with differently-colored LED displays can be ordered online through one “GaryG.” The LEAF community seems tight-knit, and this forum in particular seems really keen to help fellow owners understand and enjoy their Nissans more fully. The mod seems safe (no word on voiding warranties, yet!) but note the warning on GaryG’s site: “Not yet completely tested, BETA versions, use at your own risk.”  Good luck out there, and hats off to the creators for doing all that designing, coding, and soldering!

Source: Green Car Reports  Image credits: Mike Walsh

Frankie Berti

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