Fresh Peel P50 Microcar is Hot and Ready NOW! (video)

The smallest car you can buy today isn’t the Smart ForTwo or even Gordon Murray’s T.27 city car, it’s the Peel Bamby P50 – and you can buy it, right now, for just about 12000 USD.

We first covered the rebirth of the Peel P50 microcar a year ago, and are happy to report that the “modern” Peel is faithful to the original in all the important ways, and updated in all the right ways. The composite body is visually identical to the classic Peel, but the glass is now shatterproof safety glass. The engine is still a diminutive 50 cc, but it’s a modern, emissions-legal engine mated to a “fully automatic” CVT transmission, good for about 30 mph – about the same as a 50 cc scooter, in other words, and you won’t get wet in the rain.

Take a quick look at the little 50 in (low-resolution) action, below.

Is the little Bamby P50 worth the $12K asking price? Objectively, it’s hard to make a case for it – especially considering that $12K will nab you both a gently-used example of the previously-mentioned Smart ForTwo and a shiny new example of the the previously-mentioned 50 cc scooter, to boot (pick a nice one, like a Honda Ruckus or Genuine Buddy)! That said, neither the Smart or the scooter will draw stares like Bamby’s 50 will.

Where does that leave us, then? Let’s say this: if you want to get 100 mpg, but still crave attention like a typical 15-year old girl Lamborghini/Harley buyer, the asking price of a Bamby will be the best $12K you ever spend … just watch out for those SUVs!

You can CLICK HERE to check out the original BBC News report, which is full of great images and interviews of Bamby’s “micro revolution” (screencaps, below). Enjoy!

Source | Photos:  Bamby Cars, via BBC News.

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