Hyundai Hits the Road in Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Tucson SUV

Hyundai has been breaking its own sales records for years, but they’re not resting on those laurels quite yet! The Korean automaker has been hard at work getting dual-fuel cars to production under its captive Kia brand, is pushing to have a plug-in hybrid ready for sale by 2013, and unveiled a hydrogen fuel-cell powered EV at this past April’s Seoul Motor Show. In addition to making progress on several “clean energy” fronts, Hyundai’s best-in-the-business “Assurance” program guarantees that its customers won’t be stuck with the automotive equivalent of Betamax or (for the kids) HD-DVD.

A few days ago, however, Hyundai let Wired writer Alexander George behind the wheel of a fully functional hydrogen-powered Hyundai Tucson as part of a charity event to help raise awareness for children’s cancer projects. In addition to promoting a good cause, Hyundai also happened to prove that the company is much farther along in the development of an H-car than most people would have guessed (well, more than I would have!).

The Hyundai prototype has a 130+ hp electric motor under the hood, with power coming from a 21 kWh battery pack mounted under the floor (a pressurized tank at the rear of the Tucson holds the hydrogen).

How does the hydrogen Tucson drive? You’ll have to head over to Wired to find that out – but definitely go, it’s worth the read!

Source | Photos: Wired’s Autopia.

Jo Borrás

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