Electric Cars are Magic! Mitsubishi MiEV is Also a Mobile BBQ

Mitusbishi wants to convince you that their MiEV is not only cleaner than an ICE car, but more versatile as well.  To prove that their giant mobile battery on wheels presents possibilities that are nearly endless, Mitsubishi staged a demonstration in the Toyosu district of Tokyo, hosted by sexy model/actress Aki Higashihara and culinary student Gou Igarashi.  The event, held in a small café (and under Igarashi’s direction) saw Higashihara challenged to cook three dishes (herb sauté of autumn salmon, mussel and mushroom white wine fried rice, and cheese fondue made on the electric stove) using only heat and power from the i-MiEV, with the tiny car’s battery back as a stand-in in for a campfire.

Mitsubishi provided an upcoming “external power supply” unit (slated to be available within the year), which the actress hooked up to the i-MiEV’s charging port.   Once plugged in, the unit had access to 1500W of cooking power from the MiEV’s battery.  With the proper equipment – an induction heating stove and an electric range – Higashihara was able to cook as she would in her own kitchen. The second high point was reducing the risk of fire due to stray sparks or sloppy campfire etiquette to zero (many of the tightly-packed buildings in residential areas are made of flexible materials that effectively withstand earthquakes but burn quite enthusiastically). Igarashi commented while watching that using the EV also reduced prep time, allowing the entire family to spend more time together. “Cooking, having fun – it’s a great use of the extra time,” he said.

After completing the challenge, Higashihara spoke briefly about her children. “I think it’s important to take care of the environment. When I see my children’s smiling faces, I feel that we absolutely must leave behind a good place for them and their future. Besides, an electric car is also economically appealing.” She was also enthusiastic about using the i-MiEV as an ersatz campfire: “Even useless ‘girly’ boys who can’t light a fire can still cook without embarrassing themselves,” she said.  (Harsh! – Ed.)

Mitsubishi presented the external power supply as a natural extension of their home charging station which could can be used for fun and recreation (as above), or as a mobile supply of electricity to be used in cases of roadside emergency or natural disaster.  No word yet on pricing or US availability.

Source | Gallery:  Response.jp.

Charis Michelsen

spent 7 years living in Germany and Japan, studying both languages extensively, doing translation and education with companies like Bosch, Nissan, Fuji Heavy, and others. Charis has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. She also believes that Janeway was the best Star Trek Captain.