Start-stop Technology for ALL the New Volvos

Although the company initially built its reputation for quality on innovative safety technology, Swedish automaker Volvo has recently been “pushing the envelope” with some of the slickest green tech ideas in the business – from plug-in hybrids to cars with body panels that act like solar panels to flywheel-hybrid performance cars to cars that drive themselves more efficiently (and safely) than you or I ever could, Volvo’s R&D department is at the bleeding edge.

Last week, Volvo’s green-tech wizardry took one more step towards mass production with the announcement that all of its future models would be available with stop-start technology, starting with the company’s D3 family of 5-cyl. turbo-diesel engines (below) in 2012, and moving on to the full line of Volvos as the next-generation models come on-line.

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The system itself is triggered through a position-sensor in brake system, which sends a signal to the ECU to shut off the engine when brakes are continually applied at 0 mph (standstill). Once the pedal is released and the gas pedal is depressed, a pedal-position sensor sends a signal to an upgraded starter motor, which quickly cranks the engine to life. The system is designed to be as “invisible” to the driver as possible, while delivering maximum efficiency during high-traffic, in-town driving.

Source | Photos: Volvo, via Motorpasion.

Jo Borrás

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