61 mpg Chrysler (Lancia) Delta Diesel Confirmed for UK

That up there is the recently-confirmed Chrysler Delta, which will be hitting UK dealers in March of 2012 with a positively giddy-fying array of turbocharged MultiAir gasoline engines and direct-rail diesels, with the least economical among them delivering just over 40 mpg (US) from a combination of MultiAir bada**ery and clever start-stop technology.

The diesel?  Over 61 mpg!

Anyone that’s been following along with Gas 2.0 in recent years has surely noticed my Lancia fanboyism before, so there’s no point in apologizing for it anymore. Just add this slinky luxo-hatch to the list of cars I really Really REALLY hope Fiatsler management decides to offer Stateside, along with (of course) the 40 mpg Y citycar and 39 mpg turbo-diesel minivan.

UK pricing has yet to be released, but will likely coincide with the next round of UK auto shows.

Source | Photos: Chrysler, via AutoEvolution.

Jo Borrás

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