Video: Metromorph Concept Car: Part Car, Part Spiderman?

Yes, that is a car. As you may have guessed from its sleek and futuristic design, it’s a concept car.

Actually, the Metromorph concept car—from Peugeot and designed by one Roman Mistiuk—is much more than just a car. When you’re done picking up the groceries or driving your kids to soccer practice, the car goes Spiderman all over your high-rise apartment.

You read that right. It climbs the walls. More specifically, the car transforms into an elevator and takes you up, up and away. Once it gets to its destination, it settles in and makes a dandy little balcony. Forget crowding on an elevator and sighing as it hits every floor on the way up. Can anyone say MVP?

If you think from my description that the Metromorph sounds intense (and maybe you think it’s more than a little silly), don’t take my word for it. They’ve got a demonstrative video out which highlights just how Isaac Asimov-ian the Metromorph is.

Does the Metromorph have a real future in America’s cities? Who knows. It’s only a concept. From watching the video, it appears that residential buildings would have to be specifically outfitted for this car for it to work.  That alone is enough to raise some reasonable doubt about the Metromorph’s applicability.

Say this for the Metromorph: it does have a very innovative answer for the all-too-common urban problem of parking space. Removing a significant percentage of cars from cluttered city streets would be one impressive feat of engineering. Plus, I imagine it would be much harder for someone to jack your car when it’s a thousand feet in the air, clinging to the side of a building.

What do readers think? Is the Metromorph potentially practical for city dwellers, or is it just another pipe dream straight out of a sci-fi novel?

Source: Inhabitat