Air-powered Scooter is Less Barbie Vespa, More Iron Man Moped

Like many green-tech enthusiasts, I’m simultaneously a fan of cutting-edge green tech, scooters, and the sort of pie-in-the-sky “vaporware” projects that push the boundaries of what we think of as possible.  As such, the compressed-air propelled scooter concept (above) is flipping all of my switches.

It’s called the Hornet, and it combines a compressed-air engine, cargo storage, and a high-utility hand truck to aid in deliveries.  The photo, below, should give you an idea of how the cart works and connects to the Hornet’s frame.

The Hornet’s designers believe that a vehicle like this, which allows for zero-emission deliveries and ultra fast “re-fueling” courtesy of easily-swappable replaceable air canisters, could be useful for postal workers and other low-speed couriers.  Fitted with refrigerated or insulated cargo boxes, the bikes could also be useful on large university or hospital campuses for transporting food or tissue samples (or both, if you feel that the orderlies can tell the difference between liver and onions and, well, liver).

The Hornet, as it is, has almost no hope for production, but gives a good idea of what a futuristic delivery scooter could (should?) one day look like.


Before it gets brought up in the comments, it should be noted that  a)  “Vespa” means “wasp” in Italian, b)  yes, I do own a Barbie Vespa (so I’m allowed to poke fun at it),  and c)  while I realize an Iron Man moped would, indeed, be awesome, I am not currently aware of anyone planning to build such a thing … if you know of such a project “in the works”, definitely let us know!

Source | Photos:  Yanko Design.

Jo Borrás

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