Toyota, Tesla to Build Electric SUVs in Canada

Toyota and American electric vehicle company Tesla announced Friday that the Japanese firm’s RAV4 EV plug-in sport-ute would be built in Canadian factories, starting in 2012.

The RAV4 EV, aimed at key North American markets (i.e., California) is to be built at Toyota’s Woodstock, Ontario plant along the more conventional, gasoline variant of the RAV4.  The RAV4 EV’s powertrain will be supplied by Tesla Motors, as part of a 100-million dollar deal with the makers of the Roadster and upcoming Model S sedan.

Ray Tanguay, president of TMMC (Toyota Motors Manufacturing Canada), said that building the EV on the same production line will allow for a high level of quality control, and expects that the RAV4 EV will be introduced to the U.S. market in 2012.

Pricing as well as other details are yet to be announced.

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Charis Michelsen

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