Video: ERA RaceAbout Laps the 'Ring (quietly)

Finland’s ERA wants you to think of their Electric Raceabout coupe as Europe’s answer to the Tesla Roadster.  To that end, the company has worked to establish the Raceabout’s “green” chops by successfully campaigning the car at events like Progressive’s Automotive X-Prize and the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, where the sporty coupe looked strong.  Now, though, the company seems to think it’s time to prove that their coupe can boogey with the likes of the Lotus-based Tesla as well, and has put the car’s 4 hub-mounted electric motors to work at Germany’s famous Nurburgring race track.

You can watch the video for yourself, below.

Checking out the video in detail, you can see that the ERA coupe puts in a not-too-shabby time of about 9 min. and 40 sec, placing the car about 10-15 sec. faster (per lap) than Mini’s E – another EV with sporting pretensions.  Not bad at all, considering the relatively early stage of ERA development (and BMW/Mini’s massive engineering budgets).

Expect more ‘Ring videos (and better times!) from ERA in the weeks to come.

Source:  Electric Raceabout, via YouTube.

Jo Borrás

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