Recycled Hawtness: Sungevity Turns Summer Sun into Ice-cold Fun

The future belongs to solar power, and Jason Anello – from solar power company Sungevity – is a big part of the reason why.

How so? Put simply: the guy is a marketing genius, and he (along with Sungevity) converted an old USPS mail truck into a solar-powered popsicle stand that hands out artisan-grade popsicles to anyone willing to stand around and soak in some of the big orange propaganda machine’s handy-dandy solar power info-graphics. The total package is eye-catching and, in the midst of a nasty nation-wide summer heat wave, irresistible.

The truck itself features custom bodywork up front, slick vinyl graphics covering the it from stem-to-stern, electrically adjustable roof-mounted solar panels, and a slick load-levelling suspension system designed to compensate for excessive road crown and slight inclines. All of which comes together with facts, figures, and a health blend of sugar-rush and brain freeze to captivate the hearts and minds of any kid who happens to run across it, and (I think) it’ll take the likes of BP a metric s***ton of PR money to beat that kind of happy mental association.

Unfair?  You bet.

Source | Photos: Kelli Anderson’s Blog

Jo Borrás

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