ChargePoint Network Moves in to Boston

Coloumb Technologies, which bills itself as a leading EV infrastructure solutions and networking company, announced the expansion of its ChargePoint America network into the Boston Metro area earlier this week, a move which will bring 150 of the company’s new, 240 volt charging EV charging stations into the area for the first time.

Coloumb’s expansion is being funded (in part) through the ChargePoint America project, which aims to improve EV charging infrastructures in major US cities (along with a further $15M grant funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).  The ChargePoint America project is committed to adding 4,600 EV charging stations to the US grid by October this year, a project which kicked off in Orlando, Florida last June and continues with these 150 new charging stations now finding their way into Boston.

These stations will line the heavily-trafficked areas along Boston’s Route 459 beltway, and will help project organizers to collect vehicle and charging data (much like ECOtality’s EV Project), which will then be fed to Purdue University and the DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory will by analyzing the data collected with the hopes of encouraging and improving EV production, use, and charging infrastructure.

Businesses and retail customers interested in attracting EV drivers by offering a place to plug in (like several McDonald’s restaurants and RV parks) can apply for a charging station incentive program online (CLICK HERE), and – as always – if you’ve had a chance to plug into one of the new chargers, let us know about it in the comments, below!

Source:  Coloumb Technologies | Photo: Green Power Technologies + 2001.

Frankie Berti

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