GM Green-lights EN-V Electric Commuter … Pod … Thing

GM’s upright, Segway-like EN-V electric vehicle has been given the green light for production, with high hopes to see the EN-V become a key part of major cities and car-sharing programs by 2020.

As with the original concept vehicles that made their debut last year, the production EN-V will be fully electric, powered by li-ion batteries (similar to those found in the Chevy Volt extended-range electric sedan), and built to be sold for under 7000 Euros … which is, oddly enough, about the same as a top-of-the line Segway.

The EN-V’s final design has yet to be revealed, but expect the “car” to play a big role in keeping GM’s truck-heavy product portfolio as America’s CAFE requirements get tougher heading into 2025.

You can check out the EN-V concepts in action in the GM promotional video shown, below.

SourceMotorpasionPhoto:  GM.

Jo Borrás

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