Ford's 3 cyl. Fiesta Coming Stateside

With consumers turning away from traditionally popular vehicles like full-size pickups and SUVs in the face of $4 per gallon gas prices, it’s not surprising to learn that Ford has plans to bring its newest (and smallest) engine family to the US.

Automotive News is reporting that Ford brass has unofficially confirmed the presence of a new, 3 cyl. Fiesta making its way to the US in the next few years, citing the following logic:

  1. Production of the 1.0-liter engine starts in Europe in the spring of 2012.
  2. The three-cylinder engine will be offered in the United States, Ford powertrain executive Greg Johnson said last week.
  3. Ford says it fits only in its three global small cars: The Ka, Figo and Fiesta.
  4. Ford will not sell the Ka or Figo in the United States. The Ka, made at Fiat’s Tychy, Poland, plant, is too small; and the India-built Figo is a Fiesta derivative aimed at developing markets.

    I’m not entirely convinced that confirms a US-bound 3 cyl. Fiesta (especially considering the possibility of more new models like the hybrid-only C-Max), but Automotive News seems pretty confident, and you can bet that a 3-cyl. Ecoboost offered up in a popular model like the Fiesta would go a long, long way towards helping Ford meet America’s increasingly stringent CAFE standards.

    We’ll keep a close eye on this story’s development, as (if?) it happens.

    SourceAutomotive NewsPhotos:  Ford.

    Jo Borrás

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