DuPont Cultivating India's EV Culture

Imagine a nation of more than a billion driving electric, lightweight, environmentally friendly cars. Depending on how the electricity used to charge them and fuel cells are produced, the impact would be astronomically positive on the environment.

DuPont India is working with several Indian car manufacturers, including Tata Motors, toward just that end by supplying high tech polymers (perhaps Zytel?) to replace metal parts in cars. DuPont also offers fuel cell components for automotive use, including Nafion, for PEM fuel cells.

Tata Motors has benefitted from DuPont and is ready to debut the Indica Vista in the UK at the end of 2011. The Indian market is not at a point to take advantage of existing electric cars due to a lack of proper EV charging infrastructure. Mahindra & Mahindra’s Reva i, India’s only mass produced electric car, hasn’t fared very well so far, perhaps due to several factors, including the lack of infrastructure, and component supplies, resulting in a high cost of ownership. Let’s not forget the popularity of less expensive two-wheeled vehicles, either.

DuPont will serve a support role by providing research and technology, as well as by setting up the DuPont India Innovation Center in Pune to help Indian OEMs develop their own, new technology. Let’s cross our fingers for the innovations.

Via Autoevolution.

Image credit: MikeSense80

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