CNG Honda Civic Scores HOV Access through 2015

Need another reason to check out Honda’s new-for-2012, NGV-fuelled Civic GX other than cleaner emissions and high gas prices?  If you live in California, you just got one:  Honda’s CNG burning Civics will retain HOV lane access through 2015.

Conversion is a tricky thing, but it’s doable.  Whether it’s a flaming pyre helping Elijah sway hearts and minds away from Baal or HOV access on over-crowded highways helping green car advocates sway the hearts and minds away from gas-guzzling SUVs, it always helps to have a little big-gun help from the man upstairs.  In the case of the new Civic, that help comes in the form of an ILEV rating from California’s Air Resource Board (CARB), which qualifies the car for White Clean Air Vehicle decals, granting the cars access to HOV lanes which could significantly cut back on time spent idling in traffic and overall commuting time.

Similar programs had been in effect to encourage the widespread adoption of hybrid vehicles, but that program (Yellow Clean Air Vehicle decals) expired July 1, 2011, effectively eliminating HOV privileges for hybrid cars like Honda’s own Insight and arch-rival Toyota’s Prius.

You can read Honda’s full press release  on the next page.

Source: Honda

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