Orphiro E-cruiser: Look, but most of us can't touch

EV’s are great for saving fuel and the environment. But what about for fun? Take a look at the Orphiro, one of the first fully-electric, battery-powered cruisers to be produced from scratch, and you’ll realize just how much fun electric motorcycles can be.

Motorcycles are a fuel-efficient bunch. Even the huskier models, like Harley Davidson’s Fat Boy, average about 54 mpg hwy (35 mpg city), delicately sipping gas compared to some of the more fuel-efficient cars out there. The newer models are pretty clean when it comes to emissions, as well. Newer, more efficient electric models of motorcycles keep emerging, though, and I say keep ’em coming.

Know what sounds even better though? Zero emissions, especially considering how many millions of motorcycles and scooters are the preferred form of transportation (often by necessity) in developing countries.

The streamlined hog, made by Dutch company Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Crafstmen and headed by Alexander Steegh, is another ray of hope for the non-superbike crowd should we finally be weaned off gas (heads up to those who are superbike aficionados: eCRP wants your help designing a new e-motorcycle!). It’s not so bad, as one of the first steps toward a zero-emission cruiser goes, and it’s beautifully designed as well.

The Orphiro is reported to have a 72 volt electric motor and five lithium-ion rechargable battery packs under the beautiful bodywork, which take about six (!) hours to charge. Top speed is 75mph, which is a bit leisurely for some; cruising distance is 60 miles. There is precious little  information offered just yet as to the weight, the mechanics of riding, how long one can sustain top speed etc…

But, this custom wide-bodied motorcycle was created by Mr. Steegh to sell to businesses rather than to the individual, and is meant more as a marketing tool than as an actual cruiser for weekend warriors.  It won’t be mass-produced, but the bike’s existence is one more step in forward progress. The cost is a whopping €49,000 euros, excluding the European Union’s value added tax.

Source: Wired | Images: Orphiro

Frankie Berti

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