Electric Rescue Rover a Green Dream Concept

German designer Sebastian Toddenroth has created the amphibious and agile Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept in a stunning lime green in order to improve lifeguard/ocean relations.

Gone will be the days when heroic lifeguards tow their jet skis across the sand, park, back up into the water slowly, deploy their jet skis, and generally waste time while the ocean’s victims inch closer to death. The VW Rescue Rover could theoretically shave precious seconds off rescue time by virtue of its improved transition from land to sea- and win praise for knocking out the tow-rated truck and PWC equation during beach side rescue missions, eliminating the corresponding gasoline use.

The Rover is designed for one or two lifeguards to sit comfortably, with a lightweight litter frame for stabilizing any fallen swimmers and space for a first-aid kit. The Rover features a Mecanum wheel drive, which, in addition to looking all sorts of bad ass, is also well-suited for all terrains. Each wheel is powered by an  independent electric motor, with an omnidirectional drive so the driver may rotate the vehicle, go forward and backwards, side to side, and diagonally without a mechanical axle. There is no propeller, but rather the huge tires are used as paddlers.

Alas, it’s still only a concept, so no word on how fast it goes, on energy use, how easy it is to slip in and out of, or any other important bits. While we wait to see if the concept becomes a reality, I feel obliged to remind the lifeguards out there about the EV Wavejet. This carbon fiber fuel-saving alternative to the truck/PWC option could be a great addition to their arsenals of rescue craft- just mind the 30 minute battery life.

Via Yanko De

sign via  Carscoop | Images: Sebastian Toddenroth

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