Catching up with MotoCzysz Racer Mark Miller

Photo Courtesy MotoCzysz

What Sort of Man Races a Motorcycle Through City Streets?

After watching Charge, I wanted to meet the man who had brought the MotoCzsys e1pc to victory in 2010 and second place (only behind Czysz’s newer model) in 2011. Luckily we both live in Los Angeles, and Miller was kind enough to humor me with a little ride through the canyons (after the jump) before he returns to compete in the British Superbike Series.

What It Takes To Win a TT

Mark Miller made his professional start in AMA Superbike racing, and his Isle of Man TT debut in 2006, placing 11th and completing a 125+ mph lap in his first year. The lap record for the Isle of Man TT is 131mph average speed over the 38 mile course. This is a race that only the best of the best are invited to compete in. The TT claims an average of two lives per year, yet is irresistible to its veterans. There simply is no greater challenge in motorcycle racing. Below is the video of our interview, where Miller discusses what it’s like making the shift to electric motorcycles and what it’s like working with Michael Czysz.

Comparing Zeros to Zeros

To create some modicum of parity, we rode smaller electric motorcycles instead of the gas bikes we’d arrived on. Hollywood Electrics let us take the Zero S and the Zero XU out for a spin. It was my first ride on the XU, and I was pleasantly surprised. The bike had more power and torque than I’d expected compared to my ride on the S, reviewed here. When I had difficulty keeping up with Mark it was more due to my apprehension at the close passes he made or my unwillingness to really push the bike through the corners. It’s a light and easy bike, but I did run through 60% of the battery in 10 miles of aggressive riding.

Miller was truly a good sport, and I hope to be able to watch him race the TTZero live next year. Miller is hoping to win the £10,000 prize for being the first electric racer to break the ton, and my money’s on him. Michael Czysz will be racing the e1pc himself at Laguna Seca next weekend, as he did in 2010, as it’s a track he knows well and a great opportunity for him to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Susanna Schick

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