What Economic Downturn? Bentley is Building an SUV

Remember those years before 2008, when all the cool kids drove around in jacked-up 4×4 Hummers?  The boys at British luxury brand Bentley sure do, and (in the spirit of sincere, environmental responsibility) they’ve confirmed to Auto Motor und Sport that they’re cooking up a new, massively expensive, 3 ton (!) SUV.

Why, you ask?

To make more money, of course!  Business is booming for ultra-lux auto brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley’s cross-town rivals, Rolls Royce (Rolls’ sales are up 64% this year) and Bentley wants to make sure they grab as much cash as they can while the grabbing is good – and SUVs are the most profitable game in the automotive town.

So, what’s this new, uber utility vehicle from Bentley doing on a green car blog?  It’s worth noting that Bentley didn’t tell Auto Motor und Sport about any new KERS or plug-in or flex-fuel engine “destined” for use in their new SUV – they just promised big, luxury, and expensive.

Maybe green isn’t the new fast, after all … or maybe Bentley just knows its market?

Expect the line to form behind the Saudi princes.

Source | RenderingAuto Motor und Sport.

Jo Borrás

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