Russian CNG Hybrid is Sold-out … for the Next 10 Years

Since their introduction last year, Russia’s home-grown, natural-gas fuelled hybrid Yo Mobiles (built by Yo Auto) have been trying hard to capture the imagination of Russia’s car-buying public;  and how have the Russian people responded, you ask?  By putting down deposits on more than 100,000 Yo Mobiles – which means that each and every car Yo Auto plans to build (for the next ten years!) has already been sold.

We’ve covered the saga of Yo Auto’s $14,000 (US) CNG hybrids since the Yo Mobile were first announced last year, through to the introduction of the initial prototypes, and on to the cars’ on-road debut at the hands of ex-Soviet super-spy and all-around crazy bad-a** Vladimir Putin, so it’s especially gratifying to see an innovative project like these CNG-electric hybrids turn into a genuine commercial success.

Hopefully one of the big three will get it together and offer US-buyers something this innovative sooner, rather than later … or maybe Honda.  It could be Honda.

SourceRiaNovosti Business.

Jo Borrás

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