Coda: Electric Sedan is On-track for 2011 Launch

Coda management says there will be no more delays – deliveries of its eagerly anticipated “budget” electric cars from China were promised to begin “late fourth quarter” of 2011, opening the company’s first dealership in Los Angeles this August with a half-dozen showroom-ready Coda Sedans on-hand for prospective customers to test-drive.

Coda’s latest PR push (which included the cleverly-named “End Dependence Day” video) still maintains it can hit its initial sales estimates of 14,000 units in 2012 – which seems ambitious for a $44,900 (pre-rebate) EV from a relatively unknown automaker, until you realize that Mercedes-Benz is asking that much for its far less practical, 2-passenger Smart Electric Drive.

With 4 doors, a a look that’s not too far away from the mainstream (face it, not everyone wants to “make a statement” with their cars), and a decent (promised) range from the car’s innovative “rollerskate” battery-pack chassis, I think Coda’s got a better chance than most.

Source: Autoblog

Jo Borrás

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