China Unleashes 1,060 Fully-Electric Sanitation Trucks on Beijing


I’ve found that writing about China is always fun. Maybe it’s because the Chinese are always doing something interesting—whether it’s hosting  insane, exorbitant Olympic ceremonies, mercilessly hacking into U.S. government accounts, or putting 1,060 fully-electric sanitation trucks on the road in Beijing, the Chinese like to go big or go home.

Go ahead, follow the links. I’ll be here where you get back.

So, over 1,000 electric sanitation trucks, you say? That’s an impressive number, even for the world’s most heavily populated country. And no doubt Beijing could use a “breather” from its now-infamous smog problem (It’s the Los Angeles of China), although one wonders whether A) The trucks will take all that much pollution out of their air and B) the Chinese are largely using coal to power their electric vehicles.

One step forward, one step back. Still, they have the right idea as the world continues to inch closer towards the Electric Age. Why put yourself at the mercy of jerky oil sheikhs when you can run vehicles on your own in-house electricity?

Some fun facts about China’s shiny new toys: the trucks come in three sizes according to their payload capacity and boast a 62-mile range, which should be more than enough considering they will operate strictly within the city. Another fun fact: One of the models can crack 87 mph.

This is response en masse on Beijing’s part, which has a huge problem when it comes to trash collection and rogue landfills. Other places are also toying with the idea of EV garbage trucks, like the Parisian suburb of Courebevoie. Toronto, Canada is also employing garbage-powered trucks to collect their city’s waste in a more sustainable fashion.

But the Chinese EV garabage trucks trump them all, both in numbers, and in top speed. Why you’d need an 87-mph sanitation truck is beyond me—but that’s the Chinese for you.

Source: Autobloggreen | Image: Bev Skyes