Sweet Dreams: Tesla Current Concept

With oodles of doodles filling the pages of his notebooks, Max Ostap is just like many thousands of car-obsessed students.  Unlike the vast majority of those thousands of other students, however, Max is actually talented – as evidenced by his latest student proposal:  a slick neo-modern luxury sedan he calls the Tesla Current.

Make no mistake, Max’s Current concept is little more than an artist’s daydream described as a high-speed electric cruise missile intended for a utopian “autobahn-like” road across the old Panamericana route from Canada through the US and into Mexico … but we can dream, can’t we?  Sure we can – especially since (with the Tesla Roadster bowing out of production, the Model X SUV still a few years off, and Model S surrendering most of its surprises already) Max’s Current dream is likely to be the most exciting news concerning Tesla for quite some time!

You can check out Ostap’s complete proposal HERE, and get a better look at what this talented designer is capable of in the gallery, below.  With a bit of luck, Max will be shaping the future design direction of his favorite car company sooner than later.

Source:  Behance.net.

Jo Borrás

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