Tiny French Electric Plane Sets Records (video)

This independence day, we should also take some time to remember our country’s history and give the French a little love.

With that in mind, then, let’s go back to last weekend’s Paris Air Show, where French pilot Hugues Duval still has a fair bit to boast about with his latest accomplishment:  breaking the electric-powered aircraft speed record (his own electric-powered aircraft speed record) by pushing his small, 200 lb. aircraft to more than 175 mph.

Like many experimental record-run vehicles, the tiny plane itself (powered by two 35 hp motors 3 kWh of batteries) is suited more for short hops and the odd record attempt than it would be for any long-range hauls (not that you’d want to pack yourself into that thing on am LA-Tokyo trans-Pacific hp) but the accomplishment is, nevertheless, note-worthy – and (like KLM’s bio-kerosene and Honeywell’s Green Jet Fuel) is one more small step towards energy independence.

Check out Duval’s tiny plane in action (and next to the massive, biofuel-capable Boeing Dreamliner) in the video, below.


Jo Borrás

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